Positive Media Brainwashing Therapy

It works! I remember back before when I started doing pickup, my mood was through the roof after binging on these pranks for an endless amount of time daily.

Even today, I was watching a tv show and the guy’s parody songs stack in my head. It made me effortlessly be happy. It made me effortlessly take action.

Think about it this way. You get an erection when you watch pornography. You get afraid when you watch horror movies. The primitive part of your brain absolutely cannot distinguish between what’s reality and a flat-screen that changes its pixel color to form a picture. Even in mental movies, that’s why you still get an erection when you think about sex or feel negative emotions when you think about scary or stressful situations. That’s why most people are mostly scared in imagination rather than in reality as the famous Stoic philosopher Seneca said.

So learning through Osmosis is a decent place to start. Even though having a mentor over your shoulder is by far the best. Compliment accordingly for when the mentor is not there or you can’t execute on their assignment I wake up every day to watch some ‘free’ charismatic people when my brain is good for nothing, in order to warm myself up and smooth myself into the day with a nice aura around me.

I remember when I binged on Cassafy Cambell’s character ‘Chester’ on Youtube and I only wanted to go out there and talk to people. It was like a force pushing me towards that direction and at the same time, I was not resisting.

Switching to watching another show which is relevant to where I’m spending my current summer holidays, Cyprus. The show is called ‘Casa de Mikel’. Literally this morning I just couldn’t stop singing to the song his was singing in one of the episodes!!