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Betting Loopholes to lock profits or profit thousands per day: Matched Betting and Value/Arbitrage Betting

There are many sources that explain what Matched Betting is. My brief explanation is the following: Imagine that a casino is running a promotion stating that if you bet £10 with them then they will give you a £10 free bet. For the sake of simplicity, there is no 0 on the roultette so you […]

Rope skipping and merging skills to form a skillset

I couldn’t wrap my head around how people could enable themselves to do that distinct boxer’s skipping or even that mind-blowing crisscross that almost looks like a magic trick. Back when I was heavily into forex, I started waking up very early at about 6:30 am in order to exercise and get this health thing […]

TLDR and summarising the key points of long books: ChatGPT has killed Blinkist

I have reached a point in my to-do list that reads ‘Blog Idea: Blinkist’ in order to write an article about this useful service called Blinkist and post my affiliate link underneath. I will not do it anymore because chatGPT has made their staff to most likely to start handing CVs out before they suddenly […]

Why I don’t like Andrew Tate; He is the matrix himself for the most part.

So this most googled person in 2022 comes out and preaches about the matrix, and how we all are plugged in and trapped in a prison we are not aware of, which is true, but he is the one throwing people in the matrix prison in the first place, and also teaches people how to […]

I got suspended from using a casino offer and got 10x more productive.

I have been struggling to go through my huge lot of thousands of unchecked emails for the past 3 months. I got myself in a pit of many activities, getting dragged around many directions. My mental bandwidth or RAM was overloaded and I could just not get out of this mental pit and execute on […]

Why I have just invested real money again after years in Darwinex

Don’t try to reinvent the microwave. If you are someone whose trading is not the main focus in their life, not their passion etc. then simply copy-trade others. These others are your employees. They run up and down, trying to optimize their trading strategies, keeping an eye on the financial news and changes, testing new […]

Stop wasting your life becoming good at the wrong things

A Tai Lopez quote that has stacked with me since then, about 2015. All these quotes that I interpret as brain software or mind operating system, have taken the role of a shield that functions as an anti-hopelessness, anti-anxiety, and anti-negative emotions, in general, mechanism. There are so many right things that we could have […]