Why I have just invested real money again after years in Darwinex

Don’t try to reinvent the microwave. If you are someone whose trading is not the main focus in their life, not their passion etc. then simply copy-trade others.

These others are your employees. They run up and down, trying to optimize their trading strategies, keeping an eye on the financial news and changes, testing new things, and using whatever software or source to smoothen their strategy’s profit slope. It is stressful and eats time from your life. Outsource all this chore load to these strategy providers.

I have found Darwinex so far to be the best for a few reasons. Surprisingly enough, I bumped into them 2 years later again after my first attempt to open an account with them. When I logged into my account I had a notification saying that I need to confirm my email, dated 2 years ago lol. If something is worth it, you won’t miss it, you gonna definitely keep bumping onto it again and again. The more you work, the luckier you get!

I started off by copying scammers on Telegram. But apparently, I was almost blindly copying someone that I didn’t know whether their strategy actually had an edge or temporary positive standard deviation luck. So I tried to learn to trade myself. Again, big frustration and too tedious!

Later I bumped onto ClickAlgo because they were developers of products on my favourite trading platform, cTrader. I noticed they had on sale some cBots with cute results, something like 70% returns on a 8% drawdown on the H1. So I bought them.

I even started optimizing them using cTrader’s feature to get even better performance on the m1. The settings returned were awesome but when ran live, it was the opposite.

So I decided to google around and see how others optimize their robots in order to fix my mistakes. One thing led to another and bumped onto some awesome algorithmic teacher named Martyn Tinsley. He finally made me understand what’s meant with the term I had been bumping onto for years; ‘Overfitting’.

Long story short, overfitting occurs when the optimization’s backtesting doesnt match with live results. He has an elaborate and concise way of explaining things and I was instantly hooked. He has some youtube series lregarding optimization so that’s how I ended up back to Darwinex again.

He is an established trader on Darwinex and has an AUM of over 2 million USD. He is a main video content creator too for such a respected FCA regulated broker.

Darwinex offers copy trading like Naga, ZuluTrade, e-Toro etc but what I loved the most is that they have this backtesting tool where you can get to see how much money you would have made in X period of time had you invested to copy trade the traders they to copy from on their platform.

That’s when Ray Dalio’s Holy Grail downed on me https://youtu.be/Nu4lHaSh7D4. Pick 15 uncorrelated assets and your drawdown reduces by a factor of 5X times. Awesome. I did some experimentation and the results were like 40% per year with less than 10% drawdown . Finally, I combined the Wisdom of the Crowd principle https://youtu.be/iOucwX7Z1HU, and so picked the top 15 most followed Darwins to invest my 500EUR in.

Do not try to reinvent the vibrator. Outsource, outsource, outsource. It’s easier to learn from other people’s mistakes. https://bit.ly/JoinDARWINEX

Here is the video blog form of this blogpost https://youtu.be/feYnK8Vqypc

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