Stop wasting your life becoming good at the wrong things

A Tai Lopez quote that has stacked with me since then, about 2015. All these quotes that I interpret as brain software or mind operating system, have taken the role of a shield that functions as an anti-hopelessness, anti-anxiety, and anti-negative emotions, in general, mechanism.

There are so many right things that we could have been good at however we waste our time, which is no different than our life, on the wrong things instead. The simple reason why is because our brain has been hijacked. The organisms and people who have hijacked our brain, include but not limited to, number one the marketeers.

The marketeers aka consumerism culture was thoroughly established first by legendary psychoanalyst Sigmund Froyd’s nephew called Edward Louis Bernays. Bernay’s tactics caught the attention of BBC which has made a valuable 3 part documentary on youtube titled ”The Century of the Self”, in which the ways of how your deepest psyche needs, which we are not aware of at all, are taken ADVANTAGE OF by the marketers, who ENGINEER THE DESIRE IN YOU TO MAKE YOU THINK THAT YOU WANTED TO BUY SOMETHING. A few examples are the FOMO techniques and the Halo Effect. How many of you knew both, any or none until now?

Next, we have another vile group called journalists. This might as well be a far worse group than any top evil organization that has ever existed in human history like the Nazis. It is a group of dangerously weak people who are literally the bitches of other evil people, who are told to say massive lies to the masses to manage their perception. They actively try to place you into a state of darkness and hopelessness in order to keep you as a literal slave. I use the word ‘slave’ in these blogs, not as a form of metaphorical meaning but in absolutely literal terms! The best way to find the real case is to look away from profit-making mainstream media. The internet leakage is endless. Derek was saying that whatever exciting trendy things is currently going on in the news is most likely something worth being entirely ignored.

Third is ReLiiiiiiiiiiiiGiOn. The omnipresence of God for me translates to Him being present in the toilets with underage girls in nursery schools. The pervert was present with you during childhood while you were taking a shit and even your children now as we speaking. God said you need to do this, god said you need to do that yet we haven’t seen him saving the Jews from the Nazis. You can argue some were evil but all 6 million? Even all the total 70 million dead in WWII?

Your dumb friends, family, father, and mother. The peer pressure. The dummies you have been chilling and hanging with. Wasting your life with. Look at their quality of life. Pathetic. Drug addict, gambler, psychopath, grumpy, pushover, virgin, lazy obstruction, parasite. You can argue that you can only be friends with someone only for certain reasons, for example only be friends with someone who you play soccer with and that’s the only activity you do together. But don’t try to ask for a Ferrari advice from someone who owns just a bicycle.

How do you know you are not wasting your life on the wrong thing? You think and talk about it ALL day!