2019 Second Turning Point Year

I used to have a very distasteful view about work. The reality was that it wasn’t work that I had this stance against, but actually labor.

To be more precise, in Greek the word for work is ‘douleiá’ which is a derivative of the word ‘douleía’ which translates to ‘slavery’ lol. 

This could easily be some mistranslation in the colloquial form of communicating since there is another much more accurate word for work; ‘ergasia’.

I think my distaste against work is because I had a high standards militant father at home who would never be satisfied with our at home performance like cleanliness, tidiness etc,

We’d never been pushed to contribute anything anyway so luckily what the tense militant at home environment drain out would make up with chore-free time to play longer. It’s very nice to play 😀

Until watching all these self development videos from 2014 onwards made me realise that the more hours you put into something the faster you move forward.

After returning back to Cyprus for some holidays and pursue the investing path, I started reading some things about investing around February 2018 since I had thee seed planted in my head the past summer. However after reading things like 10% ROI per year, I didnt see myself making any decent amount of money anytime soon. Also I felt that my one unit I was left with back in Birmingham would soon collapse too just like the other one, I decided to do something else.I literally felt the money scarcity associated death lingering on me so the action was immediate and swift. 

Eventually I got into social media marketing because of the mesmerizing words of Tai Lopez’s marketing vocabulary. I torrented his course and started goinggoing through it. 

Early on I realized that it was quite vague. I was left with a foggy sense in my head of no clarity. On top of that, I found some guy on youtube confirming my thoughts. His name is Ollie Chapman, he had a course on Teachable. |I went through the titles of the course’s subjects which were very attractive and action oriented so I was sold.

The price was only about £200 so I signed up and immediately shared my login credentials with a business courses torrent group on facebook I have been a member of for over 5 years lol. And then I took action on the course.

After taking a quick look just now as im writing this blog at Ollie Chapman’s whereabouts, the guy has disappeared from the internet and left his paid social media group on facebook hanging and dead since 2019. Very easy to build a client base from the internet im thinking to myself right now. You are one the easy to get people dear reader. Also keep this phenomenon in mind because it will be important for later on, on this blog.

Anywhoo, since I had a clear action plan, I took action, my target niche was restaurants and it was quite fun. I got to learn the restaurant owners of the biggest neighboring city to my village and even some more private things about them which I’d never expect I would ever do. 

Vendettas, friendships, relationships, relatives, animosities, scams, frauds, people from my village, funny people, interesting characters, council politics etc. Even life hacks; you’d always get a free meal if the appointment with the prospective client was around lunch time haha. You can still get a free meal with the ‘Dine and Dash’ tactic lol. Quite the experience.

This is the Power of focusing on the Few, not the many as The Trillion Dollar Man says.

After a few weeks, I finally landed a client, but I got disgusted very very soon actually, and I’ll explain why. I got to taste first hand what it is like to be a media manipulator like a  vile journalist or a vile marketer worm.

I would employ many sales tricks on social media to get people to show up to the restaurant. Time Scarcity was one of them. And the emotional resistance was building up like crazy for another reason too which was that I didnt know the job well and my fucking laptop was too retarded. I was sitting in the library of Neapolis University Paphos trying to set up the restaurant’s Social Media, called Rimini Italian btw, and I was breathing so heavily cause of anxiety that another female student approached me to complain politely about my biological reaction loool. I sheepishly apologized after being so drained out because of this ordeal.

Finally I thought to myself: ‘Man this is not how exciting work feels like’. Then I thought, why don’t I do social media on myself first to learn the job and then go from there? So I decided to create something to do Social Media on. And that was a Shopify store called ‘Katsikos’ which is greek for Big Goat. 

I never had the Greatest Of All Time in my mind as a factor to name my store after haha. Besides it makes no sense in greek. The reason I picked that name is because I found it very funny and somewhat inappropriate for the stock I would sell, which was customizable items.

These items included, cups, hats, tshirts, pants, schoolbags for teenagers etc, with the option to write whatever you wanted on them or even attach pics. I set up ads, I set up the store, I set up whatever had to be set up so I went on with my next intriguing move; marketing further by vandalizing walls.

I got this idea in my head to spray around my city the name of the store combined with the fact that you might see the ad on your phone or computer, you’d be way more intrigued to explore further of what this Katsikos thing might be. And then you’d also spread to friends at school, a small society where info is shared rapidly because it’s a closed system where you spend a ton of hours every week. Seems like a good idea!

I bought a spray and drove around targeting the main roads entering or passing through the city. About 5 main road arteries where I sprayed everywhere along I thought it could easily be visible. Sometimes I’d bring some friends over as well as a fun out and about activity. The tags are still there till today, if you ever make it to Paphos you might be lucky enough to see them. ‘katsikos’

But then I ran out of cash. I wasnt able to shove more money on Facebook Ads. Neither could I afford the monthly Shopify subscription. It was mostly this money scarcity engrained in me since years of at home conditioning. And even though I had the best month ever from my unit back in Birmingham, I eventually got caught by the landlord in August 2018 after 18 months of running AirBnB and BDC in the property. So I told the black guy manager who was living in there for free and running the Serviced Accommodation, to wrap things up and bounce off the property. 

I didn’t even attempt to negotiate with the landlord for some higher rent payment to allow me to continue running SA in there because I skipped a rent payment lol so I wanted to run away with some bonus profits. I went under his radar without him noticing because I’d always pay rent about 2 weeks earlier. And I was the only out of his 11 tenants who’d be so punctual while the rest would at least owe 1 month. On top of that, he didn’t pay me for renovating the messy property so I didn’t wanna risk paying him another month and eventually kicking me out, while keeping the money. I had been running that property for several months without him putting me on the contract since I was very punctual. Pure money scarcity based decisions.

I spent the rest of the summer enjoying holidays at home, enjoying the Trump presidency and his sanctions against Turkey and the Turkish Lira for kidnapping an American pastor and not releasing him. Then around 1 month later, I moved to the capital Lefkosia.

I moved right next to the border gates to the occupied by the turks Cyprus and got a job in the Aperitivo restaurant, a lame job, one day off per week, 48 hours work week and about 1100EUR monthly salary. The turkish lira had tanked thanks to Trump so I was making my way to the other side pretty much every day for my hefty shopping discounts and money scarcity needs. I even opened Plus500 account and applied what I had learnt earlier that year in February, about investing from the book recommended to me via email exchange by the legend called Todd Valentine called ‘The Little Book that Beats the Market’ by Joel Greenblatt.

Right on the border gates, there are foreign exchange shops. I’d observe the turkish lira getting stronger and stronger every time i’d cross. So I thought to myself that the sanctions against the Turkish Lira were over so I rushed to open a forex trading account in order to profit from TRY bullishness.

So I opened an account with ICMarkets, an Australian based legit forex broker, deposited 100 EUR and history was written. On the 7th of November 2018 at 23:53 GMT+2, I opened my first ever forex trade selling the EURTRY pair, literally and luckily enough as im literally checking now as im writing this blog, 7 minutes right before the Daily candle close when the spreads widen like crazy, especially for Exotic crosses lol. This translates to unnecessarily starting 30 metres behind the starting line on a 100m race looooooool

Next morning when I woke up I had 6.37EUR left only. Needless to say, I paid no attention to leverage cause I had no fucking idea what is it that I was looking at the screen while creating the market order hence inevitably next morning by around 9:30 am, I got stopped out many times, meaning that my broker was forcefully closing my positions because I had no enough equity in my account to support the massive drawdown generated by too high position sizing.

A small rally basically blew up my account as we say in the trading world and then the EURTRY continued its move towards the downside. However something funny happened. I miscalculated how much money I’d make had I was never stopped out. I thought i’d make 5 or even 6 times my money so I decided to stick to this easy money making scheme.

I googled around to find more opportunities like this Turkish Lira even and discovered that there are some events pretty much every week called News Releases. Basically the top economies in the world the Australian, the European, the American etc release High Impact News related to their Interest Rates, Unemployment etc that cause their currency to spike either direction very rapidly and quickly, allowing you to make money very quickly.

So I google around a bit further and discovered that in order to trade such events you could go among some ways with the Straddle Strategy. This is a strategy where you place a pending order above and another pending order below the current price of the currency that is about to be affected by the High Impact |News release, a few seconds before the release.

The emotions are intense, your palms are sweating, your hear beating faster. You look at the clock, the time is approaching, you are still struggling for over 6-7 minutes to place orders on your retarded laptop. You finally make it literally a minute or 2 before the release. You look at the time again, a few seconds left, so you move the pending orders closer and closer to the current market price. You double check to see if you’ve made any mistakes. Final 20 seconds, til lthe news release, you move the pending orders closer and closer to the CMP, you wanna milk as much money as possible out of the market, the emotions intensify ever further, your palms are noticeably more sweaty, your heart is racing ever faster….4-3-2-1…the spreads widen BOOOOOOOOOOOM the price explodes on one direction and you see your account making 100, up to 150, down to 120, down to 80, 130, 160, 130, 160 in a matter of seconds…now past the 200 mark, 190, 180, 210, you scream, 240, 230, 260…. Geeeeeeeeeez and you close the position with the easy profits. 150% balance increase!!!!

That’s when reality starts sinking in your head. 3 high impact events on average every week. Slap the 8th wonder of Combound Interest in the mix as well on top of the magnificently awesome feature of being your own bedroom hedge fund with MAM Multi Account Management and your mind is tripping. Literally. I say literally, not to just emphasize, it is actually tripping. You get to see how the future looks like. Sending your parents to holidays, eating in expensive restaurants, driving around your country and exploring stress free, never having to think about the price ever again, signing up for classes and developing skills your call of duty is for. You are freedom!!!!!!!!!!!