2014 First turning point year

Hi. This blog is dedicated to optimization. Optimum Performance. Jordan Peterson said that a good man is a civilized dangerous man who has it under voluntary control. And then he said that to become one, you need to write a lot, read and also have physical strength acquired through weight lifting and martial arts. A man just can’t be a man if he is not capable of violence. Period.

Physical violence has been rooted in our DNA since before our Neanderthal grandparents. Ability to manifest physical violence, reduces the cortisol chemical in your body and replaces it with testosterone. And as described in the Winner Effect by Ian Robertson, you get to see more opportunities in the environment and take action more easily. Exponentially better benefits.

I am very interested in reaching my goals in the fastest, most enjoyable way so it doesn’t feel like any effort is input at all. All these success quotes we get to read on the internet, social media, etc won’t work because, in order to get something to a very advanced level, it’s a MUST that it’s achieved so to a large extent effortlessly. Fun!

I believe that many of you have some decent football skills or Halo Call of Duty skills whatever. Explain to me whether you had to drag your dead corpse off the bed all the way to the living room to turn on your Xbox or to the football field to train. You didn’t have to!! You felt very excited getting there, hence-ergo-therefore, you reached a decent level of competency.

I really don’t believe that discipline is the key as it does not apply universally. It has made me miserable because I used it without a conjunction. However, fun learning does apply universally. Quoting James Clear in his book ‘Atomic Habits “You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.”

What makes me qualified and my blog worth reading about is that I am ultimately looking to network with people. Derek Moneyberg very accurately says money is a team sport. Everything is a team sport. Even single-player sports like golf or tennis etc. No one has ever achieved anything big without standing on the shoulders of giants.

My relative competence ranges across some niches. I have spent thousands of hours studying and above all doing and applying business, psychology, AirBnB (Serviced accommodation in general), another thing similar to sales that I will mention later and that I have very very passionately dear deep in my heart which is ultimately the reason I ended up here writing these blog posts, sports, military since I served for 2 years, unplugging from the Matrix just like the movie, money opportunities, productivity tools and strategies, philosophy, etc. Everything has at least 80% overlap with everything in this life.

I’m far from being like these fake gurus on the internet, who in fact, if we lived in different times I would have happily chopped their heads off and shit down their necks, no hesitation. I do have shit to sell you, but mostly donations and affiliate stuff in order to connect you to people who are way more qualified than I am. And hopefully make it easier for you guys, in return, to connect me with other great sources of value through the reciprocation bias.

I do not condone redirecting people’s sacred attention on bullshit unless it’s something of at least excellent value and quality.

This blog will be covering various topics I am interested in ranging from financial trading, business, relationships, politics, a lot of matters of public interest, relationships, science, psychology, etc.

Here you can read about the raw unbiased truth. You will read vulgarity and personal attacks. All influenced by teachers I have had in life like my father, Simple Pickup, Owen Cook, Julien Blanc, Tai Lopez, Dan Pena, Dale Buczkowski (Derek Moneyberg), Jordan Peterson, etc. All these teachers have just been written in chronological order of dedicating long hours to following them.

I definitely do not blindly follow their advice. I look for 2-3 confirmations across the guru market. Then it has to be executed as soon as possible. It’s not going to be perfect! Again, it’s not going to be perfect! However, after a few repetitions, the gray matter will develop in your brain so that electric signals can flow easier and faster through the newly formed skill neuropathways.

Julien Blanc said that when you have an idea in your head, you must apply it to get it out of your brain asap. What happens then, is that your brain frees up mental RAM for your brain to generate a new idea. One of the top 10 pieces of advice I have ever bumped into.

Here is how I ended up writing these blogspots. I started my self-improvement journey just before the catholic easter break of 2014. I think I was exposed to this self-development subculture around early 2013 but my fucking Xbox was a total distraction, too overwhelming for my mental RAM to take action. The main reason I finally became able to take action was that I moved to Portsmouth, England to study. I didn’t bring my Xbox with me and combined with my shyness and family conditioned money scarcity and stinginess, I would spend a lot of time in my student room, binging on Youtube like a maniac. I bumped into these pranks that were a big trend even back then. I wanted to add some fun chems in me. My body was craving it. I was very very hooked. This is something I definitely used to do when I was younger in the neighborhood before the Internet arrived at home. Beautiful times. Beautiful!

Eventually, after all these pranks content consumption, I became very happy and outgoing. Not strange because I got my brain positively manipulated by the youtube media to the point where my view of the world changed in the form of a new neuro structure in my head combined with adequate amounts of happy chemicals released in my brain. I got biologically programmed and ready for the next BIG thing; Cold Approach Pick-Up (CAP)

Then the youtube algorithm recommended some similar videos to these pranks about cold approaching and picking up girls, specifically by Simple Pickup. These guys would even sometimes dress up and play outrageous characters and still pull the approach off by getting their numbers.

WTF I thought, that’s very very interesting and fun. And I wanna try it 100%. However, the videos were not quite adequate so I had to torrent their course in order to get more data on what to do.

I binged on their videos and combined with the fact that the weather was getting better, I straight went to execute what I had learned IRL. But…

I went to the Commercial Road of Portsmouth where there was a lot of action going on. However, I just couldn’t replicate what I had seen on those videos. I just couldn’t open any girl. I was going up and down for like 1-2 hours but I just couldn’t because the emotional block was too high and my brain was shut down. The brain can’t distinguish between death and social rejection so it wouldn’t come up with ideas.

I even tried to have some spicy sauce from some hot dog vendor car there in the street in order to get some courage like we get when we are drunk. It didn’t do much.

Finally, after a long time on Commercial Road, I saw 2 pretty girls coming my way from far away so I came up with a sheepish plan. I pretended I was checking out Waterstones book shop window display so I wouldn’t look like I had an agenda. So when they arrived about 3-4 meters away from me, I started walking backwards to block their way off as I was simultaneously mumbling some gibberish in a try-hard, fakey exciting way, in order to initiate some spontaneous conversation about their looks lol.

They immediately slipped past around me in a creeped out way and moved off as I was left hanging there like a tit, ravaged with rejection pain and embarrassment and then finding myself trying to cool it off by turning to the guy standing next to me checking the bookshop display as well, looking at me alerted, as if I was a total weirdo, mumbling to him even more gibberish, and digging myself into a deeper hole of uncomfortable embarrassment.

I then kept going up and down to see if I could find some more girls to open. I can’t remember whether I actually did, most likely not but I remember that I saw the same girls again from far away walking past the same spot outside that bookshop and checking around their periphery with caution as if they were entering a haunted house or a dark cave.

I knew they were looking for the awkward me. It didn’t look like a positive response from them. Rather, creeped out and cautious but at least with a smile on their face. lol!

So I went back to my student halls dormitory and thought that there is no fucking way that I will ever do this pickup thing again because the effort it takes is just not worth the output. But I wanted to make it work because I knew I could. Then I turned on youtube again and watched a video by Kong, a Simple Pickup instructor, about ‘God Mode’, and here is where it got very very interesting with red capital letters!!

Kong said that if you chat up any girl within 20 seconds from each other then you will enter ‘God Mode’. You will get rid of that awkwardness and hesitation and it will be very easy for you to keep talking to more people.

Then I thought to my immature brain: What is these nonsense bollocks? What does talking to 3 different people within this arbitrary 20-second span have to do anything with making it easier? But again, I was hooked, I found this pick-up very interesting and fun and wanted it!!

So I went back there to Commercial Road the next day and tried it. I entered God Mode for the first time in my life!!! Holy moly guacamole!

God Mode is very similar to what Super Mario becomes when he gets that mushroom. You feel no emotional blocks, you feel no hesitation, you feel no verbal filters, you are THE absolute social butterfly freedom. Whatever you do or comes out of your mouth is correct. ANYTHING! You get to have a very magnetic aura around you. People are instantly hooked on what you have to say! You become a very attractive personality. You feel ecstatic! You start thinking way more positively. You wanna do more things! You don’t wanna finish! You feel like the KING! You just wanna share and have fun. Endlessly! You run up and down, you wanna experience this newfound trait all the way! Permanently hooked and addicted ever since!

Another good analogy to describe God Mode is the party drug called MDMA! Which I had never ever tried in my life until about a month after I neutered God Mode when I met another PUA pick up artist, whom I went for a night out with, tried MDMA for the first time, and hooked up with a Spanish girl for the first time I had met a few days earlier, bought by her. First pickup lay. A decent win for the newbie me!

Then after that first lay, I had another lay with a pretty English girl. Then after within 90 days, my third lay was a MFF threesome with two cute Russian tourists!

A great book that describes this God Mode phenomenon is Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and again The Winner Effect by Ian Roberston. Most likely you will find this phenomenon on PUA-related forums as ‘Being in the Zone’, or ‘Being in State’. Developing the skill is way more consistent though, so don’t fall in the trap where you rely entirely on the getting in state Todd Valentine says!!

Another interesting thing that happened to me around 1 month after the first God Mode experience, is that one night, I was sharing the same room with that PUA, named Adi, where I was sleeping on the sofa and he on the bed. I was having a dream where my grandma died. Then my dream got interrupted by my phone ringing right next to me waking me up. It was my father, my grandma’s son in the dream. He told me my grandma died. Holy Shit!

This is not a coincidence. There are amazing things out there that we don’t have fucking idea about! I have asked my dad and Adi multiple times to make sure that the phone call coincidence wasn’t just part of the dream but they both declined! My dream actually predicted or maybe informed me about my grandma’s demise!

In such a short period of time, I had 2 reality-shattering experiences. I was thinking to myself, what else is there out there?

I’ve made Cold Approach pickup my life’s mission since that God Mode day. It goes deeper than just sticking your dick in some vagina. It is about the person you become while on this journey of developing this skillset, the wonderfully adventurous moments you share with the girls, etc, and ultimately the need for freedom! I have not and will never ever get the PLANDEMIC vaccine!

And since my articulation skills really need some work, here I am writing these blogs to make some money and sharpen my selling/marketing skills while networking and sharing stuff with you dear reader!